Sunday, February 5, 2012

US Government And Military Prefer Android

The US government like Android so much they are adopting it ( a modified, security-heavy version of course) for the military and various federal agencies and contractors. Some US troops have already gotten their hands on it with  about 40 phones already sent to troops overseas a year ago, with the Army planning to ship 50 more, along with 75 tablets to soldiers abroad in March. The phones used are normal commercial ones with the specially adapted and secure version of Android running on them, which will help keep costs down and allow the government to stay up to date with the latest phones on the market. A version of the software has already been completed that can store classified documents, but does not transmit them over a cell network. And Android Smartphones cleared for top-secret dispatches is being worked on and due to be ready in the next few months. Each individual version of the Android OS will be certified once for all federal agencies, rather than having each agency perform its own independent security testing. Can Android win the war on terror?


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