Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 Reasons why Android is better than Iphone

1) Browsing

Browsing with Android is much faster, and it has FLASH You can view all flash websites.and yes, you can play Facebook games like city ville, farm ville

2) Desktop
With Iphone you will have a page full of icons. Even if you categorized your apps, it’s still going to be ICONS vs. With Android, you will be able to customize your pages with widgets that have an actual Purpose like : Twitter, facebook: update ur status

3) Connectivity
On android, there is the famous page. where you have 4 buttons
  1. Turn on/off bluetooth
  2. Turn on/off Wifi
  3. Turn on/off Mobile Network
  4. Turn on/off GPS
One press and ur’e done. There’s even an app on Android market called Y5, which turns off the Wi-Fi automatically when no known wirless network is available.Now with Iphone you have to go through various options to control connections

4) PC Connection
With Iphone u need to have iTunes to manage your phone. But with Android it’s simple as to Mount your SD card and then just drag and drop

5) Multi-notification
On Iphone, to receive a notification from  a specific program like twitter for example, the twitter program has to be open.

But with Android you receive all updates in the blasting notification bar for all your social activities in oneplace. Whatever it’s an e-mail, tweet, facebook, new SMS, missed call.

6) Personalization
Using Iphone, you have to stick with what apple says when it comes to personalizing your Iphone looks and settings.But with Android, you can customize your phone look and setting to match your lifestyle. If you’re a social network power user, you can have a screen for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for texting, and one for Flickr. Or if you are a business user, you can have a screen for contacts, for your calendar, for GMail, for email, for RSS, and more.

7) Market
With Iphone, its the Apple app store. But so does android. The Android Market, one of the most active markets. you can find apps for everything. very easy to install though. and if ur’e interested to pay for an app you like to get all features, you enter your information on the Google Market one time and you’re done. I assure you there are Billions of free apps that’s gonna be useful depending on how you can make use of it. Keep Checking in as i will publish a post for the best apps you can have and it’s features.

8) Google Integration
We’re talking about Google, Do you have a gmail account? You will get surprised when you see how Android and Google are so close and easy to communicate with all its services.

9) Open Source
There are lot of developers working every minute on Android’s software and upgrading, tweaking to best performance. So when there is weakness it is fixed. iPhone Open? u’re kidding me.

10) Android Lets You Choose Your Hardware
This is my best Option. Apple keeps saying “think different” but when it comes to hardware, they don’t give much choce. Either black or white, 16 GB or 32 GB, u’re also stuck with 3.5 inch, 320×480 pixel display with 256M RAM and 600MHz processor. Now with Android they fit it to any hardware they want like the Nexus One (with 3.7-inch, 480×800 pixel display, 512MB of RAM and 1GHz Snapdragon processor) or the Motorola Droid which has a physical keypad.

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