The Open Source Lebanese Movement

Who we are?

As part of  the OSI (Open Source Initiative) and membrer of FSF (Free software foundation) the Open Source Lebanese Movement  (Free and open), is a non-profit online organization with global scope formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.
We also aim at creating a cross-section of technology, industry, associations, non-governmental organizations, communities, and academic/research institutions and leaders promoting better utilization of free (libre) and open source software in the Lebanese government , institutions, organisations, foundations and entreprises.

We also adhere to an adapted "AGILE" manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of producing values and training professionals to do it. Through this work, our values consist of:
  • Individuals and interactions* (communications) over processes and tools
  • Working products over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan
That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

* In an Open Source Online Team model the interaction will be done throw innovative "tools" mimicking the face to face interactions


Pascal Fares :

Mission Statement

"OSLM - The Open Source Lebanese Movement” is a national non-profit online organization dedicated to assist individuals, communities, companies and public  or private institutions build their ICT capacities by conveying knowledge and improving practical performance to enable them create the new open source and free software paradigms and model, catch resources opportunities and meet the progress of the new ICT area. Since the ICT world moved from the IBM world, to Microsoft monopole and now to the "Open Source", "Libre Software" and "cloud" computing.


To be recognized as a pioneer organization (in Lebanon) in the creation of a productive and interactive "Free Libre Open Source Softwares" FLOSS environment.


To facilitate the access of different organizations and institutions to the knowledge pertaining to open source without any restriction. Moreover, our mission is to help them acquire and enhance their skills and potentials by using open source softwars that enable them improve their performance and realize efficiently their progress.


  • We value the exchange of expertise and resources, and the coexistence of Free (libre) Open Source software and others models of softwares and applications by respecting the freedom of different users and ICT providers
  • We work together to establish best ICT infrastructure that answers the community needs.
  • We commit for being an added value to the ICT industry in Lebanon and the world
  • We respect the right of freely access to technology and information.


  • To contribute in the implementation of viable "Open Source" projects or "Libre software" in both profit and non-profit fields.
  • To promote the culture of "NON PIRACY" and "intellectual property", and help constituencies display a high degree of technologies leadership.
  • To help constituents efficiently interact and positively influence their societies.
  • To foster better ICT environment for sustainable networking
  • To identify ICT needs, design solutions, and promote higher productivity standards.
  • To build partnership and lobby for a positive open source trend in Lebanon and the region.

These objectives will be achieved through:

  1. Promoting free software amongst the general public, professionals, associations and public authorities;
  2. Raising awareness of the stakes of open standards and interoperability;
  3. Obtaining political, legal and regulatory decisions favourable to the development of free software and to the information commons;
  4. Defending the rights of users and creators of Free Software;
  5. Promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills.

  • Create a reliable network among different stakeholders
  • Build local, regional and international links to improve sharing of experiences and best practices.
  • Relay information about benefits of “Open Source¨ in the media to emerging ICT priorities
  • Work close with government to raise awareness about software freedom and openness
  • Organize conferences, workshops and panels to disseminate awareness among new audiences and overcome challenges related to the change
  • Carry out researches and studies, in academic institutions, to influence decision making process
  • Provide trainings and technical support on "Open Source Software" use and development to the organizations in “transition” to free software.
  • Organize Lobbying and Advocacy campaigns to mobilize public opinions and promote regulations and procedures.
  • Invite leaders and policy makers to play a positive role in promoting free software
  • Create different entities and start-up able to produce, disseminate awareness, train and advocate for FLOSS.
  • Build a network among local, regional and international partners.