The value of the open source model

"[The open-source model is] not just sharing the costs, and it's not just reducing development costs, it's sharing the expertise."

Unconstrained innovation. If you have an idea and wish to realize it, you don’t need a lot of money or corporate stature. All you need is intent. Start by declaring your intent and approach, and others who share the idea will soon join in. Then, it is easy to see that the inception of thoughts and ideas are oftenshared by many different people who are miles or oceans apart. When given a platform these people can reach each other and realize innovative ideas together.
Transparent credibility. After its inception, open source software gained momentum on the very ground that the intelligence (software) that drives the business can be viewed and scrutinized by anyone to uncover and expose vulnerable or malicious components. This opportunity to perform microscopic investigation anytime became a unique attribute and immediately boosted the credibility of open source software.
Decentralized control. Amendments to open source software can be made by the end users, community members, or commercial support bodies, immediately, without the need for a separate, closed group and process. With the increasing penetration of software in consumer devices, business engines, military and government frameworks the power of this capability is apparent anddistinguishing.


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