Sunday, February 12, 2012

Open Source CAD/CAM Solution

Open Source CAD/CAM Solution – discussion on the much-needed, professional-quality open source CAD/CAM solution was reawakened as other open hardware players have a lead on funding. I personally think that this proposition will be trivial to fund – every designer wants an open CAD/CAM platform. I will continue looking for opportunities to get this moving. An open platform is a prerequisite to delivering the promise of digital, distributed fabrication. To deliver the open CAD/CAM solution, we still need to define a clear problem statement – based on: (1), assessment of existing open source CAD/CAM solutions; (2), assessment of their software architectures; and (3), a proposition of the desired functionality and associated software architecture for achieving that functionality. I am convinced that developing an open solution based on existing work should not require thousands of human years of development, but between 10-100 human years of development if approached correctly. Existing notes on the CAD/CAM solution can be found on the wiki, but this needs work.

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