Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rootbeer Brings GPGPU Integration to Java
 (08/13/12) Gareth Halfacree

Syracuse University researchers recently released the source code for the Rootbeer compiler, a tool designed to make it easier to write code for execution on a graphics processor.  The researchers say Rootbeer enables programmers to access the power of a graphics processing unit directly within Java.  "Rootbeer [...] allows developers to simply write code in Java and the (de)serialization, kernel code generation, and kernel launch is done automatically," say Syracuse researcher Phil Pratt-Szeliga.  "This is in contrast to Java language bindings for CUDA or OpenCL, where the developer still has to do these things manually."  The Rootbeer compiler supports all of the standard Java features, except for dynamic method invocation, reflection, and native methods.  During testing, the researchers developed three performance example applications with the best demonstrating a 100-fold performance boost compared to central-processing unit-based execution.

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