Sunday, November 6, 2011

IBM Open-Sources 'Internet of Things' Protocol

Read Write Web (11/02/11) Scott M. Fulton III

IBM is collaborating with Eurotech to donate a complete protocol for asynchronous inter-device communication to the Eclipse Foundation. The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol could potentially enable an Internet of things in which digitally empowered devices send messages to one another. In its final draft proposal, IBM notes that MQTT could enable a wide range of machine-to-machine messaging solutions. For example, IBM says the protocol could enable public and private transit systems "to monitor ... critical alerts, adjusting their routes and even notifying commuters and customers of alternative routes, transportation, lodging, and meals. Social networks could subscribe, allowing residents and commuters to interact, adapt, and even provide feedback and status to the city." The draft proposal also contends that current HTTP-based Web services protocols are inadequate and require adaptation in the context of machine-to-machine communication. "Open source messaging components ... will have to work equally well across the constrained networks and embedded platforms that are inherent to [the] physical world of machine-to-machine systems," the draft says. "This will enable a paradigm shift from legacy point-to-point protocols and the limitations of protocols like [simple object access protocol] or HTTP into more loosely coupled yet determinable models."


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