Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fwd: 7 Years of Firefox

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7 Years of Firefox
We build Firefox to build freedom and excellence into the web. Read more >>

eBook: Step by Step--The Do It Yourself Security Audit
Sponsored by ESET
The cost of a serious security breach can be very high indeed, so most organizations devote significant resources to keeping malware and malicious hackers from getting on to the corporate network and getting access to data. Join contributor Paul Rubens as he shows you how to conduct penetration tests and network security scans, check password security, safeguard your wireless network, and more. Click Here >>

gEdit, an easy to use text editor with many advanced features
There are many plugins for gEdit that add new functions. The Tag List is one I use frequently to look up character and tag codes.The spelling checker is especially valuable. I'm hardly perfect in either my spelling or typing. Read more >>
The Linux Command Line Shell Roundup
There are several different shells. The original shell is sh, or the Bourne Shell. It was developed by Stephen Bourne at Bell Laboratories. It's still in use today. Read more >>
Managing BURG with BURG-Manager
BURG-Manager is a graphical interface for managing BURG, the new bootloader that is based on GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader. Read more >>
Oracle Debuts Solaris 11
Oracle officially release the Solaris 11 Unix operating system, the first major Solaris release under Oracle's ownership and first major update to Solaris since Solaris 10 back in 2004. Read more >>
Adobe Kills Off Flash for Mobile Browsers
Adobe is stopping development of Flash Player for browsers on the mobile platform. From now, the company will be focusing its efforts on HTML5 and mobile apps. Read more >>
Job Postings
Job Title: C / C++ Architect-software-API High-Performance UNIX or Windows Programming
Company: WSI Nationwide, Inc.
Location: US-NY-New York
Stay Ahead Resources
   Riverbed Whitepaper: Two Key Virtualization Challenges and How to Address Them
   IBM Whitepaper: Best Practices to Architect Applications in the Cloud
   eBook: The Essentials of Enterprise Security
   White Paper: How Will the Durbin Amendment Affect My Business?

LibreOffice 3.4.4 Is Now Available for Download
LibreOffice 3.4.4 is here to fix some of the most-important bugs found by users in the previous releases. Fixes include bugs found in the Calc, Impress, Writer, SDK, and the core libraries of LibreOffice. Read more >>

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Free As In Freedom: But Whose Freedom?
from the nobody-said-it-would-be-easy dept
Rackspace Brings OpenStack to Datacenters
Rackspace Cloud Private Edition delivers open source OpenStack clouds as a managed service for datacenters. Read more >>
Key Success Factors for Open Source Strategies
Last week at EclipseCon Europe, John Swainson gave a keynote address that reflected on IBM's decision to start Eclipse as an open source project and consortium. Read more >>
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