Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interview: Dr. Ben Goertzel on Artificial General Intelligence, Transhumanism and Open Source (06/10/11) Stuart Mason Dambrot

Humanity+ chairman Ben Goertzel in an interview elaborated on his recent discussion about the importance of the relationship between minds and worlds and how that relates to artificial intelligence (AI). Goertzel says the design of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) system, in the sense of human-level AI, entails considering not just "a broader level of cognitive processes and structures inside the AI's mind, you need to think about a broader set of tasks and environments for the AI system to deal with." He also says that "the world--the environment and the set of tasks that the AI will do--is very tightly coupled with what is going on inside the AI system," which prompts consideration of both minds and worlds together. Goertzel notes that imbuing curiosity within an AGI is a fundamental motivator fueling research. The ability to experience novelty and the gaining of new knowledge internally is one of the top-level demands incorporated within his group's OpenCog AGI software system, he says. Goertzel says that his work with AGI does not seek to mimic the mind of a specific person, but rather emulate human-like intelligence. "What I'm trying to do ... is just to make a system that's as smart as a human in vaguely the same sort of ways that humans are, and then ultimately capable of going beyond human intelligence," he says. "I'm almost sure that it's not necessary to emulate the cognitive structure of human beings."

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