Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Open source into the enterprise

If open source into the enterprise , it is not just the case of programmers control. It is truly the benefits are enormous. Administrators and operators know : nothing is more reliable and efficient than a Linux server to an application server java, for example turning, or a database.

Moreover , it would be ridiculous to say "we are a big company with a huge information system critical to the conduct of business , open source or free software is not done for us." Because the largest platforms in the world are built on open source (or GNU free software) bases . The Internet giants , Google, Facebook , Amazon and others, rely heavily on large components and open source products . They have requirements for quality of service , performance and productivity are well worth those of larger companies, and they chose open source. They have lawyers among the most competent , the most rigorous and the most paranoid of the world. And it did not stop to define a proactive open source policy.

In a study conducted by Forrester in 2008 and in 2010, a trend that emerges is that the reasons given for adopting more open source companies have evolved, the cost is less often cited among the top motivations, while the independence and freedom of choice , strength , openness, .. are most frequently mentioned .

Among the most important benefits of open source solutions include :

Freedom of choice: less dependency ( lock- in) with respect to a small number of suppliers in a monopoly or oligopoly . Margins that provides a near-monopoly position are such that the market for software focuses very quickly, leaving customers in a situation of dependency concern. The quality open source products make them a little freedom lost.
Compliance with standards: open source software tend to be more standards compliant , both because it is a prerequisite to support themselves on other open source bricks , and because they are not in logic protection.
The dynamics of change : open source software , at least some of them have a development that is based wholly or partly on a large community of developers , allowing a higher rate of evolution.
De facto standard : some of the major open source software have become de facto standards , so they focus both development efforts and expertise available.
As can be seen , the use of open source solutions provide many benefits. But even if the benefits are real , all solutions are created equal . And this is the purpose of this standard to present the best solutions , those ready to use in the most demanding environments.

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