Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Enter to win open source gifts including 3D printer, Python catches up in the enterprise, and more


Help improve self-control and executive functioning skills in children and teens.

  • We all need to take it offline now and then
    Protecting our ability to focus is becoming more important.

  • TenFourFox extends useful life of older macs
    Open source web browser keeps older macs alive.

  • Jamaican Ministry of Health is the first to adopt free and open source health system nationwide
    Jamaica is the first country to embrace GNU Health nationwide.

  • Seven collaboration steps to take a video from concept to reality
    Using collaboration to tackle video projects.

  • Downloading Wikipedia is easier than you might think, what's in store for Linux in 2014, and more
    Stories you may have missed from around the web.



    • If you're planning an open source-related event in 2014, add it to our events calendar for all of our readers to see and share.

    • Check out the events calendar to see other upcoming open source events and submit your own!

    Python has developed into a robust and responsive language for the enterprise and other open initiatives around the world.

    In this exclusive interview, VP of the European Commission Neelie Kroes highlights some of the open government initiatives in Europe.

    Creative Commons introduced new 4.0 licenses last week to make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.

    Get involved. There are a number of ways to participate at Opensource.com.


    Join the open source dialogue about the future of CIOs.

    Crossing the IT and Business Strategy Gap. We take a look at the current in-between state many CIOs are facing and offer possible solutions.

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