Wednesday, September 19, 2012

IT Certifications That Mean Higher Pay, September 6
Certifications not only show the IT industry employers, peers and recruiters that you are up to date and knowledgeable on a given topic -- they also can lead to increased earnings. Based on the results from the latest quarterly IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report, it's possible to see which of the many IT certifications out there can lead to higher pay. With more and more companies holding out for the IT pro who has the perfect skills, candidates who possess these certifications are getting paid a premium over what others in the same role without the certification are receiving. Additional monetary compensation tied specifically to an IT certification can range from 8% to 16%, depending on employer need and marketplace trends.
The certifications in the first category come with a premium skills pay of 8-13% of base salary. Many of these certifications fall into the intermediate range and are accessible to the average IT person. These include a mix of security certifications, such as Red Hat Certified Architect, and Architecture/Project Management/Process Certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Architect. They also include several Database Certifications; Networking and Communications Certifications (e.g. Cisco Certified Design Professional); and Systems Administration & Engineering Certifications.
People with certifications in the second category earned an impressive premium skills pay of 10-15%. Occupying eight out of these 12 slots in this category are Security Certifications, such as Certified Information Security Manager. With the myriad of malicious threats facing companies, it's no surprise that IT security is an area that is expected to have tremendous growth. Others in the 10-15% category include Architecture/Project Management/Process Certifications and Database Certifications. The final category highlights Architecture and Project Management certifications, reporting in with a premium skills pay of 12-16%. With the rapid pace that the IT industry moves at, it's no wonder these certifications are currently demanding the highest pay. These include Certifications such as Open Group Master Architect and Project Management Professional.

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