Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Firefox PDF Reader Passes 'Pixel-Perfect' Test

CNet (07/04/11) Stephen Shankland 

Mozilla programmers have used Web programming technology to build pdf.js, a PDF reader that offers pixel-perfect rendering of a particular file containing formatted text, graphics, tables, and graphical diagrams. Mozilla programmers Andreas Gal and Chris Jones say pdf.js is mature enough to warrant the 0.2 version number. The programmers introduced the pdf.js project, which uses JavaScript and HTML5's Canvas For to process and display the file, in June, and the new version offers a better user interface, support for TrueType fonts, and improved graphics abilities, among other features. The team wants pdf.js to work in all HTML5-compliant browsers. "And that, by definition, means pdf.js should work equally well on all operating systems that those browsers run on," Gal and Jones say. Mozilla plans to include the software in Firefox. "We would love to see it embedded in other browsers or Web applications; because it's written only in standards-compliant Web technologies, the code will run in any compliant browser," the programmers note.

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