Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank a Linux package manager, get started with open source, and more




  • Users and developers on BSD-based systems will gather at AsiaBSDCon 2014 on March 13-16 in Tokyo, Japan to share papers, presentations, and more.

  • European fans of open source mapping technology should check out FOSSGIS 2014 on March 19-21 in Berlin, Germany.

  • Check out the events calendar to see other upcoming open source events and submit your own!

Looking to get started with open source software? There are great options both online and offline to help you participate in the open source community. And when you're ready to learn more, our Beginners in Open Source Week collection will help you find the next step.

Excited about getting involved with OpenStack as a contributer but not quite sure how to get started? Rich Bowen has collected some great resources for getting started and navigating your way through the community.

The Khan Academy is changing education. Read John Resig's story of open computer science learning and find out how you can participate


Join the open sourced-dialogue about the future of CIOs.

The lean start-up movement aims to make it less risky to launch a new business or product. And despite its name, this isn't just a methodology for start-ups. If you're not already familiar with the lean start-up methodology, this is a great starting point.

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