Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 5 open source project management tools, the maker manifesto, and more




  • The seventh annual Apereo Camp scheduled for January 27-30 in Mesa, AZ will provide opportunities to collaborate on all Apereo community projects and initiatives.

  • More than 5,000 developers from all over the world are planning to descend on FOSDEM 2014, scheduled for Feburary 1 & 2 in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Check out the events calendar to see other upcoming open source events and submit your own!

Educators need the right tools to teach and collaborate with their students and others. Our list of open source educational tools for 2014 picks out some of the best.

Linux comes in many flavors, and we know that our readers have all sorts of reasons for choosing their favorite. Take our poll and let us know which Linux distribution you prefer.

GitHub has become the de facto repository for open source projects on the web. In this video, we sit down with GitHub's co-founder and CIO Scott Chacon to talk about culture and the future of GitHub.


Join the open sourced-dialogue about the future of CIOs.

Decisions tend to fall into one of four categories. Learn why strategic decisions are different from other kinds of decisions and
how to approach decisions that fall into the toughest category.

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