Monday, January 6, 2014

Google: Compute Engine Plays Nice With Open Source

eWeek (12/24/13) Todd R. Weiss 

Google is working to educate developers about the compatibility of its Compute Engine platform with a variety of open source applications. "Google provides a general set of client APIs for accessing Compute Engine, as well as other Google services," notes Google's Eric Johnson. "However, you may have code or applications written against another language API that makes updating to Google's client APIs questionable." In these situations, open source applications such as Ruby, Python, and Java can be considered with Google Compute Engine, Johnson notes. To automate configuration management of their Compute Engine instances, developers can use configuration management tools. In addition, several open source projects support Compute Engine, such as CoreOS and Docker, which enable the use of Linux containers. In the past few months, Google has sought to help developers find new capabilities and uses for Google Compute Engine. Over the summer, Google announced new developer tools for its key cloud products, and earlier in the year Google opened its Google Maps Engine API to developers and announced a new Mobile Backend Starter that automates the back end of apps development.

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