Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Only two weeks until GNU turns thirty!

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GNU turns thirty in less than two weeks! Wherever you live, we hope you'll join us for our big anniversary celebration and hackathon on September 28 - 29.
GNU lovers from all over the world will converge on MIT in Cambridge, MA for cake, coding, and a special address from Richard Stallman. If you want to attend the event in person, there is still time to register! If you'll be watching online, be sure to tune in to the event page on Saturday the 28th at 17:00 EDT.
Ten projects will be hosting hackathons during the celebration: Commotion, coreboot, Gnash, GNOME, GNU FM, GNU MediaGoblin, GNU Octave, GNU social, Tahoe-LAFS, and Tor. Most of these hackathons will have an online presence as well, so visit the event page on September 28th to participate virtually.
And for those of you who'd like to make sure GNU begins its next decade in its strongest financial position ever, we encourage you to consider donating or attending our special fundraising dinner on September 27th at Rendezvous in Cambridge.
Of course, if you're in it for the cake, you'll have to be at the celebration in person. And you won't want to miss the opportunity to meet many early contributors to GNU, project maintainers, privacy and security experts, and more. So, register today, book that last minute plane ticket, mark your calendars, and tell your friends. We'll see you in Boston!
Happy hacking,
Libby Reinish
Campaigns Manager
P.S. We are collecting well wishes for GNU from around the world. Send us a picture of yourself with an anniversary greeting (we recommend a sign that says, "I <3 GNU!").

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