Monday, May 13, 2013

10 reasons why Canonical and Ubuntu could connect the masses with Linux

Could Canonical and Ubuntu give Linux a chance to gain widespread acceptance? Here are 10 reasons why it might play out that way.
When people hear Ubuntu Linux, the reactions vary greatly. Some folks hiss and spit like a cornered cat, some cheer, and some just tilt their head in confusion. But from my perspective as a long-time Linux user and a supporter of what Canonical and Ubuntu are doing, one word comes to mind: Future. What do I mean? Simple. Ubuntu Linux holds the key to mass acceptance of Linux on the desktop.
Of course, Canonical and Ubuntu aren’t perfect. They have made some missteps and isolated a good portion of the Linux community. Even so, the Ubuntu distribution still offers the best chance. Let’s look at why.

1: Mobile platform

2: Unification of devices

3: Developing for the masses

4: An eye for business

5: Beauty and simplicity

6: Partnerships

7: Global thinking

8: Innovation with purpose

9: Smart Scopes

10: Not Richard Stallman’s Linux

Still climbing

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