Friday, January 13, 2012

Linux on the Road Linux with Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones and Other Portable Devices

author:Werner Heuser, <wehe(at)>
last update:Dec 2011
available formats:
  1. HTML (read online)
  2. HTML (read online, single file, 580K)
  3. HTML (tarred and gzipped package, 820K)
  4. PDF (1.4M)
  5. PostScript (977K)
  6. text (448K)
  7. PluckerDB (248k)

Though there are laptop, notebook, PDA and mobile phone related HOWTOs available already, this guide contains a concise survey of documents related to mobile computer devices. Also Linux features, such as installation methods for laptops, notebooks and PDAs as well as configurations for different (network) environments are described.
Although there are some caveats, Linux is a better choice for mobile computer devices than most other operating systems. Because it supports numerous installation methods, works in many heterogenoues environments and needs smaller resources.

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