Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DVD to Motorola XOOM : part one : K9Copy : DVD to iso image.

IconsPage/dvd-video.png K9Copy is a program that allows you to copy DVDs (and other audio-video media) in Linux. It has the following features:
  • Video compression (to make the video fit on a 4.7GB recordable DVD, or any size desired)
  • DVD burning
  • Creation of ISO images
  • Choice of audio and subtitle tracks to be copied
  • Title preview (video only)
  • Preservation of original menus
IconsPage/warning.png Warning: As always, check the relevant copyright laws for your country regarding the backup of any copyright-protected DVDs and other media.

Installing K9Copy from the Repositories

K9Copy requires the multiverse repository - enable this in Software Sources
Search for the package k9copy in Synaptic, Adept, KPackageKit, or other package manager.
IconsPage/IconGNOMETerminal.png Or, to install via terminal:
  •  sudo apt-get install k9copy

Activate Support for Encrypted DVDs

Encrypted DVD playback requires the installation of libdvdcss2 from the Medibuntu repositories. libdvdcss will need to be enabled for K9Copy to have full functionality.
See RestrictedFormats for more information on playing encrypted DVDs and other non-free media.
See for links to the current package versions as it may have been updated since the writing of this how-to.<Release-Name>/libdvdcss2.html (replacing <Release-Name> with the name of your release; for Karmic) for the exact page (Medibuntu URL format as of 2010-02-06).

Using K9Copy

IconsPage/navigate.png K9Copy should now appear under Menu -> Applications -> Sound & Video in Gnome (Ubuntu) or Menu -> Multimedia in KDE (Kubuntu) or XFCE (Xubuntu). You can also start K9Copy from a command-line terminal (or by pressing Alt + F2):

Quickstart guide

K9Copy works in both KDE and Gnome. To copy a normal DVD and shrink it down to 4.7Gb, set the input device to your DVD and output as ISO image. Open the video using the 'folder' icon at top left. Under the MPEG4 Encoding tab, select Video codec as copy. Ticking the 2 pass box will give a higher quality copy. Set file size to say, 4700MB (note that there have been reports e.g.that this value is sometimes slightly exceeded).
Select the title(s) of interest. Then press the circular to DVD icon. It will ask for a location to create the iso copy. Note that when it starts, it misleadingly says 'Burning DVD' - what its actually doing is creating the iso copy on the hard drive - rest assured the DVD is NOT being overwritten! A dvd can then be created from the resulting iso file with another program eg. Nautilus (right click on the iso) or K3b. Although k9copy can also burn the iso (or a DVD structure), using a separate program has been reported to be more reliable.
Tip: To preview the titles, highlight the title/chapter of interest and click on the 'movie camera' icon - only THEN can you use the stop/play buttons in the preview window.
If you wish to change the Menu structure (reauthor the DVD), you can use qdvdauthor.

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