Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ICT in Cnam Lebanon - all Free and Open source solutions

The information and communication technology service in Cnam Lebanon  to fourfold mission:

park management, computer networks and their safety features: local networks at each education center, the interconnection between the intranet and the centers managing access to the internet. based on Open Source Solutions (Linux routers, proxy and firewall)

Management platforms, resources and architecture of the web presence of the ISAE CNAM Lebanon: Applications in collaboration with Google Apps (email, Calendar, Online Documents and shared on Google cloud, the groups and Web collaboration tools, Calendar, video and images, blog, buzz, ...) Apache open source applications, TikiWiki (wiki, articles, blog and forum), phpBB (forum), Moodle (ODL platform) and Tomcat .

The specification and development of internal applications, their platform development and deployment forming the information system of the ISAE CNAM Lebanon (educational ERP): Human Resources management, auditors students management, management of teachers, results,  qualifications, management and planning schedules, management reviews.

Study and implementation of a solution distance distance education, real time or delayed, making maximum use of infrastructure intranet and internet.

For now the modules (see are developed progressively. We welcome all your comments or needs of the ISAE on our froeums or discussion groups:

The main functions are:

For listeners: Pre-register and then register, view your schedule and view your results online.
Heads of departments may set the qualifications catalog and composition, the prerequisites and equivalencies for each EU (education Unit). This information is taken into account for; registration
The tuition for each service center listed new listeners
The teaching hours of teachers are captured in real time.

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