Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DevOps and open source, the new Apache project, and more




Here's what's coming up in April:

  • CloudStack Collaboration Conference is scheduled for April 9-11 in Denver, CO.

  • PyCon, the largest annual gathering for the Python community, is scheduled for April 9-17 in Montreal, Canada.

  • DevNation, an open source polyglot conference for app developers and maintainers, is scheduled for April 13-17 in San Francisco, CA.

  • Check out the events calendar to see other upcoming open source events and submit your own!

If you're fighting the silo mentality at work, there's hope. A new Harvard Business Review report shows that organizations that take a collaborative approach to innovation are seeing success. Can your office be more open?

We're proud to announce the nominees for this year's People's Choice Award, where we recognize the top contributors to Opensource.com. Vote for your favorite author by April 19.

His adventure started in college with Slackware, lead him to Sendmail, then eventually to Reddit, and now his career is streaming at Netflix. Jeremy Edberg talks about the open source culture of freedom and responsibility at Netflix.


Join the open sourced-dialogue about the future of CIOs.

If you're transitioning to a DevOps model, be prepared to communicate more and break down the silos. Scott Koegler explains the culture change that may be needed if you're part of a DevOps strategy.

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