Saturday, March 22, 2014

LibrePlanet starts now! Join us online.

LibrePlanet 2014: Free Software, Free Society kicks off this morning in Cambridge, MA. No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of the amazing speakers and sessions we've got planned. Every one of our three main program tracks will be live streamed, and you can participate in online conference discussion for each room on IRC.
You can find all of the streams and online participation info at: You can join the conversation on microblogging services with the hashtag #lp2014.
For the convenience of our in-person attendees, all of the session times listed on the conference site are in EDT (UTC -4), so remember to pull up your world clock if you are tuning in from afar.
Here are some of the highlights for day one of LibrePlanet 2014 (all in Room 32-123):
  • 9:45 EDT (13:45 UTC) - Opening keynote from Sue Gardner, outgoing executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • 13:50 EDT (17:45 UTC) - Your Web apps should talk not just in English, but in español, Kiswahili, 廣州話, and অসমীয়া too with Sucheta Ghoshal.
  • 14:45 EDT (18:45 UTC) - "The creeping techno-surveillance state: how can we fight back?" with Kade Crockford of the MA ACLU and Josh Levy of Free Press.
  • 17:45 EDT (21:45 UTC) - "Current issues in freedom: patents, surveillance, etc." with Eben Moglen, followed by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Awards.

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