Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why children should learn to code, beware of security vulnerabilities, and more




Here's what's coming up in November:

  • The OW2con'13 is the fifth edition of the annual community event. The international conferences is Nov. 12-14 in Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

  • Linux Symposium strives to be one of best internationally represented Linux events. It takes place Nov. 18-21 in Ottawa, Canada.

  • Check out the events calendar to see other upcoming open source events and submit your own!

Open source geek (and father) Burr Sutter explains why he believes children should learn to code even if they don't have a future in IT.

Closed source is better than open source in certain situations, says OpenLogic founder Rod Cope. Here are seven reasons that will leave you shaking your head.

Reporting bugs is a chance to contribute back to the open source project you're working on. Here's a user guide for open source project bug submissions.

Opensource.com is accepting articles. Here's how you can contribute.


Join the open source dialogue about the future of CIOs.

Are you an enterpriser? The new Enterprisers Project is taking a look at how today's IT leaders are making it easier for enterprises to respond to business opportunities. Find out if you're an enterpriser.

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