Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watch LibrePlanet live this weekend

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LibrePlanet 2013 is just days away. If you can't be in Cambridge in person, you can tune in live on March 23rd and 24th to catch all the action.

We'll be streaming every session in each of the three program tracks. You won't want to miss highlights like:

  • Free Software Foundation president Richard Stallman presenting the 2012 Free Software Awards
  • Keynote speakers Karen Sandler and Leslie Hawthorn
  • Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli

While you're watching the livestream, you can participate in conference chatter on IRC #libreplanet on FreeNode, and on StatusNet (#libreplanet).

And if you can't tune into the livestream, don't worry. We'll make video of the sessions available on libreplanet.org in the days after the conference.

Happy hacking,
Libby and Zak, Campaigns Managers

PS. There's still time to register for LibrePlanet. Members get in gratis!

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