Friday, February 1, 2013

Will you be at LibrePlanet? Register today for March 23-24

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Hi ,

We're excited to announce that registration is now open for LibrePlanet 2013: "Commit Change."

LibrePlanet is a yearly conference where the global free software community comes together to learn from each other, face challenges and welcome newcomers. This year, the conference focuses on bringing together the diverse voices that have a stake in free software, from software developers to activists, academics to computer users. The theme is called "Commit Change," and it's about drawing ideas from everyone to create the software freedom we need.

If you're an FSF associate member, you can sign up now at no cost! Otherwise, we invite you to become a member for gratis admission and a host of other benefits, including an account on our brand new Jabber chat server. You can also attend the conference at the non-member rate.

The conference will feature a keynote address by Karen Sandler, executive director of the GNOME Foundation and renowned software freedom advocate. LibrePlanet will also include workshops in using free programs, talks and discussion panels with free software luminaries, plentiful networking opportunities and a pre-conference social gathering. In addition to Karen, the program includes sessions with Stefano Zacchiroli, Project Leader at Debian, Wendy Seltzer of the W3C, and our own Richard Stallman.

If you're interested in technology's role in struggles for justice, community, and freedom, then you will find a lot to be excited about at LibrePlanet. Join us at LibrePlanet 2013 and help Commit Change.

Register for the conference now or become a member to attend at no cost.

Hope to see you at LibrePlanet!

Zak Rogoff,
Campaigns Manager

PS: Today is the very last day of our recruitment drive, and we're very close to reaching our goal of 120 new members. If you become a member today, you'll help us shatter our goal and do more for software freedom in 2013.

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