Friday, November 30, 2012

Free Program Launched to Encourage Women to Code

From ACM TechNews:
Free Program Launched to Encourage Women to Code
(11/27/12) Rosalie Marshall

Entrepreneur First will offer a free program next summer in the United Kingdom that will teach women how to code. The goal of the program, Code First: Girls, is to get female graduates to think more about becoming tech entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur First is a nonprofit organization that assists U.K. graduates in launching tech startups. About 30 women will participate in the first course, receiving four hours tuition a week, including in-person lectures and tutorials. They will be assigned a female mentor from the industry who will provide support and guidance. The nonprofit says it decided to launch the program because its Entrepreneur First initiative has attracted only a few female participants. "We have met women on campuses and often one of the things holding them back from starting up a business is a lack of tech skills," says Entrepreneur First's Alice Bentinck. "We want to show women that even if they graduate with an arts subject, they can still pick up coding fairly easily."

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