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Linux Foundation Briefing Book: July 30, 2012

This Week's Original Content From The Linux Foundation

My Top Five Sessions at the CloudOpen Conference
Amanda McPherson

CloudOpen will make its debut in a little over a month in beautiful San Diego alongside LinuxCon. It's the best deal in technology conferences. Why? Two amazing conferences for the price of one, three amazing free, as in beer, parties, skateboarding lessons, hacker lounges and so on. This event will sell out so if you want to join us, please register today.

CloudOpen Q&A: SUSE's Michael Miller on Why Linux is the Natural OS for the Cloud
Jennifer Cloer

In the latest of our LinuxCon and CloudOpen keynote Q&A series we talk to SUSE's Vice President of Global Alliances Michael Miller. Miller will be talking in his keynote at the events about how service-oriented clouds are bridging the divide between IT and lines of businesses. He also hinted twice during our conversation about a big announcement coming.

CIOs Increasingly Bullish on the Cloud, Survey Finds
Katherine Noyes

It's easy enough to find rosy predictions for the cloud from the vendors of related products and services, but when CIOs speak out in favor of the technology, it's hard not to sit up and take notice. Such, in fact, is just what came out of a recent survey of IT executives from Host Analytics and Dimensional Research. 

Openfiler Enterprise NOS: Capable but Tricky
Carla Schroder

Openfiler 2.99 aims to be your one-stop storage management shop, a sleek lean network storage operating system with a nice Web control panel. It is very capable, but in many ways it's an exercise in frustration.

Top Open Source Cloud Headlines Week of July 23
Libby Clark

Last week's top open source cloud news features VMware's acquisition of Nicira; a Q&A with Citrix's Mark Hinkle; the pros and cons of open source cloud platforms for IT managers; and insider news that Nebula has enticed some Rackspace developers away.

The Linux Talent Draft is On
Jennifer Cloer

Make no mistake: the Linux draft is on. While the NFL season prepares to get underway there is an ongoing, intensive draft for Linux talent taking place right now.

OpenStack Quantum Project Aims to Define Future of Networking
Libby Clark

The Quantum Project is working to design next-generation virtual networks with no model for comparison. In his OSCON session about the Quantum Project, Lew Tucker, Cisco VP and CTO of cloud computing said Quantum aims to break out networking from the rest of the OpenStack services to build a new layer of abstraction for two-way communication between an application and the underlying infrastructure.

5 Best New Features of the Linux 3.5 Kernel Release
Katherine Noyes

Following some initial concern earlier in the month about a large volume of small, last-minute pull requests that ultimately necessitated a seventh release candidate, Linux creator Linus Torvalds on Saturday published the final version 3.5 of the Linux kernel. Here are some of the best new features. 

GNOME Committed to Accessibility
Juanjo Marin

A commitment to accessibility and the efforts of many dedicated developers helped GNOME 2 become an award-winning, free and accessible desktop environment. But the project has lot of work ahead to make sure GNOME is a great desktop usable by all.

Citrix’s Hinkle Proposes Linux Model for an Open Source Cloud
Libby Clark 

As the Senior Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix, Mark Hinkle oversees Citrix efforts around the open source Apache CloudStack IaaS platform and Xen hypervisor projects. We talked recently about the company’s involvement in the open source cloud and how it might model Linux. 

30 Linux Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks: Paul Mundt
Jennifer Cloer

In this week's 30 Kernel Developers in 30 Weeks profile, we talk to Paul Mundt, who works on the SuperH architecture and core parts of the AMR-based SH/R-mobile platforms. He shares a variety of stories from his nearly 20 years of experience working on the kernel, including one that proves collaboration never sleeps, even during an inter-continental flight.

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Other News You Need To Know

Dell Offers New Laptops With Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Torvalds and Shuttleworth to speak at LinuxCon Europe
The H

Open source model disrupts the commercial drone business

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