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[Ma3bar Announcement] "Linux Essentials Certification" exam at UOB - June 5, 2012 - Free of charge

"Linux Essentials Certification" exam at UOB - June 5, 2012 - Free of charge
Free Linux Essentials Certification Exam
University of Balamand,
Al-Kurah, Lebanon
Tuesday June 5, 2012 - 9:30 AM
(Registration is open until 8:00 PM June 1, 2012)
(Beirut, Lebanon: April 19, 2012) The Linux Professional Institute - Middle East (LPI-ME:, issued a call for volunteers to participate in the first "beta" exams for the Linux Professionals Institute's (LPI: "Linux Essentials" program.

"Linux Essentials" is an innovative new program measuring foundational knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software and will be publicly released in June 2012.  "Beta" exams are offered free to volunteers who wish to assist LPI in its exam development process for the "Linux Essentials" program.

During the month of May and early June, there will be various sessions for volunteers to take "beta" exams which are offered free of charge.  This volunteer effort will enable LPI to measure the "Linux Essentials" exam for quality, accuracy and relevancy.  All interested individuals who do not hold an existing Linux certification are invited to participate--however seating is limited to ten per session.

Successful candidates who pass the exam will be awarded a "Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement".  Alternatively candidates may choose to have their exam results deleted from their registration record. Final exam scores for the volunteer "beta" exams will be available in late June 2012.

Each "beta" session is for ninety minutes and consists of sixty questions. To participate exam volunteers must obtain an LPI ID at and register in advance for the Linux Essentials "beta" exam with their focal point.

Targeted at new technology users, the "Linux Essentials" program is set to be adopted by schools, universities, educational authorities, training centers and others commencing June 2012.

The Linux Professional Institute is globally supported by the IT industry, enterprise customers, community professionals, government entities and the educational community. LPI's certification program is supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents and is distributed worldwide in multiple languages at more than 7,000 testing locations. Since 1999, LPI has delivered over 300,000 exams and 100,000 LPIC certifications around the world.

Overview of the Exam

To secure the Certificate of Achievement in Linux Essentials, you should be able to demonstrate a(n):

Understands the basic concepts of processes, programs and the components of an Operating System.
Has a basic knowledge of computer hardware
Demonstrates a knowledge of Open Source Applications in the Workplace as they relate to Closed Source equivalents.
Understands navigation systems on a Linux Desktop and where to go for help.
Has a rudimentary ability to work on the command line and with files.
Can use a basic command line editor.
Detailed exam objectives and coverage are available at
Registration form
Reserve your seat in the exam on June 5 at the University of Balamand by filling and submitting the form below. For further inquiries, please contact us at
Registration is open until 8:00 PM June 1, 2012
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