Sunday, March 18, 2012

After Review, SourceForge Gives the Boot to Anonymous-OS Project

IDG News Service (03/15/12) Jeremy Kirk

SourceForge removed Anonymous-OS, a Linux operating system project allegedly affiliated with the online activist group Anonymous, from its open source collaboration Web site after security experts said it could be dangerous.  Although the project does not appear to be connected with Anonymous, it has an intentionally misleading name and is not transparent, particularly in regards to security, according to SourceForge.  "We have therefore decided to take this download offline and suspend this project until we have more information that might lead us to think differently," according to SourceForge's Community Team.  Anonymous-OS is an Ubuntu Linux distribution, skinned with Anonymous logos and mottos, that includes many well-known tools for attacking Web sites and masking and analyzing Internet traffic and communications.  Although Anonymous-OS appears to be security related with an "attack-oriented emphasis," SourceForge notes that it is reluctant to pass judgment on projects.  However, it says "we believe this is the right decision in this case."

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