Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Application Development Boosts IT Job Market: Dice Report

eWeek (09/07/11) Nathan Eddy

The number of available technology jobs as of Sept. 1 stood at 82,836, with 50,659 full-time positions, 35,378 contract positions, and 1,565 part-time positions, reports Dice.com. Dice's Alice Hill notes that one of the fastest growing areas of hiring requests involves mobile application development. She says that just 17 percent of technology professionals have published a mobile app, and of this group only 27 percent work on mobile initiatives full time. Although full-time developers prefer to work with the iPhone, more employers are searching for Android developers, according to Hill. In addition, she says tech professionals involved in iPhone development report nine times more income from apps, but Android income should rise along with the growth in app advertising revenue. "For tech talent, taking on a mobile app project is a great way to broaden skills in an area that is primed for more growth," Hill says.


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